Friday, December 09, 2005

**Okay, this is Nichola's sister, Priscilla, updating for her**

Nichola started Chemotherapy yesterday.

The treatment is making her pretty sick; David says she slept most of the day. When I talked to her she sounded pretty tired, too. They'll remain in Houston at least until Saturday which is when the first round of treatment will wrap up. If I understand correctly, she has at least six more treatments to go, one a month. Please keep her in your prayers. The chemo makes her immune system very vulnerable, which means she has to stay at home, away from any outside sources and the possibility of germs. Already tired from the illness, not having access to her friends and family is going to very rough on her.

She is keeping in very good spirits though, trusting God and knowing that he has her best interests in mind.

Thanks all.