Thursday, April 24, 2008

Okay, So I Haven't Been Blogging....

Hello, anyone reading. Here I am. Back in blogland.

I think about blogging. I plan posts. But I just haven't come to blogland to blog.

But here I am so......

First to post an update on the CTBHHM books....

I still have some available. BTW, if the shipping seems high in the paypal cart.... I will refund anything that is not used in actual shipping of the book.

I am so happy that spring is here. I am enjoying the beautiful foliage that is on the trees now and the green grass that is working to take over the pasture.

We are enjoying goat milk now. Not much since we are still feeding baby goats, but some are weaning now and that will help give the people more milk!

We now have a porch on the house. I will try to post some pics soon. The roof is all the way across the front and decking the length of the living room. It is very plesant to sit on. Now we are waiting to be able to do the west side and east side. Getting the roof done is the biggest priority as that will provide the shade.