Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Not Enough To Do?!

Today I am working to get ready for a fall festival at church tonight, (I am helping with the food), helping a friend dress chicken's tomorrow, and Keilah's birthday Thursday. Not much to do really to get ready. Just clean the house, make beans and cornbread, make tortilla's for breakfast tomorrow so it can be on the go, clean the house some more, decorate for Keilah's birthday, get a few more things for gifts, wrap gifts, make cake and decorate, make more tortillas for birthday supper along with beans and rice and/or cornbread, make favor bags, and stuff like that. Oh, I guess laundry and baths will happen somewhere in there along with regular meals. Maybe I won't be too busy. :-)

Friday, October 27, 2006

Good morning!
Today is windy and cool, and thankfully we have a woodstove and a warm house. I think about how nice it is to have a house in weather like this. Most of us take that as a normal fact, but some people don't have the privilige or luxury of having a place that is warm and dry. I am thankful for my warm bed and dry house to take care of my family in.

Today is my big cleaning day. Today I get to go through the house cleaning everything up. And today I am going shopping. Online, that is. And I'm planning to get my coop order together.

Keilah's birthday is coming up soon. She will be 5. Wow. It seems like just a short time ago she was a baby. Now she is half way to 10.

Well, on to the other items of the day!

Monday, October 23, 2006


We have been a bit chilly down here the last few days. Today the highs are supposed to be about 70 degrees. This morning it was in the 30's. Brrrr!

Nell is recovering from surgery well. She is no longer using a walker and and seems to do really well walking around. Her therapy is going well also. We are happy to see that she is doing so well.

I've been listening to a song that is popular on the radio right now by Matthew West called, "History." I love this song. God has been using it to minister to me lately. Here are the lyrics. (click on links above to see more about Matthew West)
" It's been a bad day
You've been looking back
And all you can see is everything you wish you could take back
All your mistakes
A world of regrets
All of those moments you would rather forget
I know it's hard to believe
Let me refresh your memory
Yesterday is history
And history is miles away
So, leave it all behind you
But let it always remind you of the day
The day that love made history

You know you can't stay right where you fell
The hardest part is forgiving yourself
But let's take a walk into today
And don't let your past get in the way
Would you believe that you are history in the making,
in the making?
Every choice that you are making
Every step that you are taking
Every chain that you are breaking
History is in the making
Every word that you are saying
Every prayer that you are praying
Every chain that you are breaking
History is in the making
History is in the making
History is in the making "

© 2005 Word Music, LLCANesties Music Publishing, admin, by Word Music, LLC (ASCAP) All rights reserved. Used by permission. International copyright secured.
This song has been ministering to me as I work each day. Every day bring victories and failures. Pressing on and looking ahead instead of behind is something that I am trying to learn to keep in mind.
BTW, if you go to www.matthewwest.com you can listen to some of his music while you look around. That is, if you don't have dial-up. With dial-up it sounds like he is singing and then drinking some milk, then turning to sing some more, then drinking more milk. That is what Keilah thinks it sounds like anyway. :-)
Have a blessed day!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Update On David's Mom

Just a quick update, Nell's surgery went well. She is supposed to be able to come home from the hospital tomorrow. She is sore but doing well with the therapy.

More later!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Shooting Amish Girls?!!!


This is a shocking story. And there is another version here. Esp since it is very close to where some our Amish friends live. We will be trying to get in touch with them soon. Please be in prayer for all the Amish. And for protection for the schools in our country.

Globe,..Well,... State Trotting and Other News

Hello all! Here I am again and look, it hasn't been 2 months since my last post! Aren't you proud of me? :-)

I guess you have noticed my new look. I plan to do more updating in the near future also.

We are about to head for Arkansas to pick up some strawberry plants. 100-200 actually. The plan is to go them through the winter and then have strawberries in the spring. Lord willing that is what we intend to do. We are still in the planning stages of the trip and so don't know the exact dates yet. But we are thinking about seeing some other folks along the way. (BTW, I failed to mention that we are going to David's uncle's to get the plants.)

Prayer needed for Nell

Please be in prayer for David's mom. She is going to have knee replacement surgery on the 10th of this month. While she is glad to be doing the surgery and getting the knee issue resolved, she is not looking forward to the down time afterwards.

Everything The 10th

I guess everything will be happening the 10th. We will have baby chickens hatching the 10th, the co-op order will come in the 10th, Nell's surgery is the 10th,...and there is something else that I forgot.

Prayer For Me

I would also covet everyone's prayers. I am in the process of getting our house, life, family, etc on a schedule. However, I am not very proficient in this area and am having to learn from the ground up how all this works. Please pray for me. And if any of you have good tips or advise in any area you can think of, please leave me a comment. For you elder readers, would you consider thinking back to when your kids were young and telling me how you ran your day, or how you wish you would have, or anything that you would like to have been told at that time? I would highly value anything anyone would have to say!

God bless you all and have a wonderful day.