Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho, It's Off To Denton I Go...

Okay, maybe the guys who made the "Hi, Ho" song famous were not excited,.... but I am. :-) Tomorrow I leave with several ladies from our church for Denton to a Revive Our Hearts Conference. Am I excited? Yes, I am!

Nancy Leigh DeMoss will be the speaker, someone I highly respect and look up to. I am looking forward to hearing what she has to say this weekend.

Wow, the moon is so pretty tonight. I would love to try to photograph it. But, without a tripod it turns out a bit shaky. (Lets see,.....find Prayer list......add.....tripod.) Anyway, I think that it would make a really good picture tonight. I might try it anyway, we'll see. I still have some laundry to fold before I leave for the conference. (Did I mention that I am excited about that?)

Thursday, September 06, 2007


I have made some big strides in organizing in the past few months. As you can see from the pictures posted, there have been some interesting projects going on. :-)

In August I set up: a new filing system, (The pic on the left is the works-in-progress picture and the one on the left is the result.), a new bin system, (an idea I borrowed and modified from my friend, Molly that has a bin for everyone in the family, and I added catagories like, give away, sell, give back, etc.),

and a new, well, modified laundry system. While all the projects mentioned above are wonderful and are working well, I think the one that has made the most difference and is the most pleasant to use is the bathroom cupboard. My only regret is that I didn’t take a before picture of that cupboard. It was hideous and the difference is striking.

I also did a bit of decorating. The wall behind our woodstove is much improved! It was hard to get at an angle to take the picture that the pipe wasn't in the way. :-( But maybe it gives the idea.

I am working to stay on top of things better. I feel like I’m stepping up to the next level in this home management course that the Lord is taking me through. :-) Oh, I am far from perfect and not even totally satisfied with things, but I can see progress and that spurs me on. :-) I am determined to win.

Happenings in a Quick Nutshell...

Hello again!

Once again I have pulled out my trusty, “I haven’t posted in a while” template! Oh, well! :-)

Much has happened at our place since I last wrote. A new shop has been built for David, we are in the process of building porches, I have my dishwasher installed, we have been to my youngest sisters’ wedding in OK, I've made more advances in managing my home, started learning Spanish, got my ears pierced, etc, etc.

While things have been going on in the above mentioned areas, much has been going on in me, too. I have felt a call to pray more and a growing in listening as the Spirit prompts me to pray.

We are now hosting a cell group in our home. It has been enjoyable. Right now we are not studying anything in particular, but are just enjoying each others' company and fellowship. This week we did some activities with the kids. The guys made toolboxes with the boys and the girls made cornsnakes with the ladies. (An altered version of bean bags. We used old kid socks and since I didn’t have many beans, we used corn to stuff them. They ended up being long and skinny, like a snake, so I called them cornsnakes!)

Hope things are well with all reading this post. God bless you and yours.