Thursday, September 06, 2007

Happenings in a Quick Nutshell...

Hello again!

Once again I have pulled out my trusty, “I haven’t posted in a while” template! Oh, well! :-)

Much has happened at our place since I last wrote. A new shop has been built for David, we are in the process of building porches, I have my dishwasher installed, we have been to my youngest sisters’ wedding in OK, I've made more advances in managing my home, started learning Spanish, got my ears pierced, etc, etc.

While things have been going on in the above mentioned areas, much has been going on in me, too. I have felt a call to pray more and a growing in listening as the Spirit prompts me to pray.

We are now hosting a cell group in our home. It has been enjoyable. Right now we are not studying anything in particular, but are just enjoying each others' company and fellowship. This week we did some activities with the kids. The guys made toolboxes with the boys and the girls made cornsnakes with the ladies. (An altered version of bean bags. We used old kid socks and since I didn’t have many beans, we used corn to stuff them. They ended up being long and skinny, like a snake, so I called them cornsnakes!)

Hope things are well with all reading this post. God bless you and yours.
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