Friday, June 20, 2008

Good News!

Praise the Lord! We had 2" of rain last night. We were really needed some to swell the peaches. They will ripen now. Next week we could have peaches. This looks like it could be our best crop yet.

I have shared with most, but have not posted online, but......we are expecting our 4th baby in Nov! We are very excited. David and I are acting like kids about to have our first one and the kids....well, they are just thrilled. My belly is now a point of observation. "Oh, mommy," I hear, "Your belly is getting BIG!" I am only about 4 months along, so it is not that big, but progress is progress to them!

I have been feeling good and getting a lot done. This is the time during pregnancy that I esp like. I don't feel yucky, my belly is not in the way too much yet and I have a drive to get things ready. Later I might be tired more, but right now, lemme at 'em. :-)

I am so hungry for information. I have had 3 babies already, but with this one I have a desire to read every pregnancy type book that I can get my hands on. I guess you never stop learning. I sure don't want to.

No promises, but I will try to post again soon. :-)