Monday, September 29, 2008

Resisting The Devil...

I very much appreciated this post, again from Jess.

I have never heard anyone bring out this point on this issue. I agree very much with the thoughts of Jess and pastor Mark Driscoll. I’d love to hear your thoughts after you read the article…

Post 100!

Wow. This is my 100th post! Okay, so 100 posts is not that many for a little over 3 years. But I have stuck with this blog and am very glad that I have done so.

I hope to do better at posting more frequently with the next 100 posts…

BTW, thank you for reading!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Okay, So I Am Not Superwoman.

I failed. I didn’t get anything except the dishwasher run and supper made yesterday.

I did get some baby-building done, but what about that multi-tasking thing?!

I did do a few other misc. things, like got David registered for the conference coming up, took a LONG nap and things like that. But I wanted to do more. Oh, well. Here I am. I am hoping to do some today.

Pray for me when you read this? J

Friday, September 26, 2008

Spots? What Spots?

I am pleased to report that I am no longer the lady with the spotted belly. J The spots have been fading for the last few days and my skin is almost back to it’s pre-spotty state! So, sorry, I can no longer post any spotted belly faces.

Sorry to disappoint everyone…



Onto The Front Half...

I have conquered the back half of my house and am hoping to conquer the front half today. Or maybe half of the front half… J

I have quite a list to get done, but am going to give it a shot.

I am superwoman. Why wouldn’t I be able to do it?



Thursday, September 25, 2008

America, Land of Freedom..

I got this update from the Free Market Foundation today.

Judge Rules in Favor of Vietnamese Baptist Church

Plano Church Can Now Hold Services in New Building

PLANO, TexasJudge Greg Brewer today ruled in favor of the Plano Vietnamese Baptist Church (PVBC) in their case against the City of Plano, Texas, which has been enforcing an unconstitutional ordinance against small churches.  PVBC recently purchased a building in Plano but was barred from using it because the plot of land is too small to meet the two acre requirement in the existing zoning regulations. 

 “I’m walking on air,” said Thomas Le, pastor of PVBC, who, with his family, traveled to the United States as a boy to escape the Communism and religious hostility of Vietnam.

With today’s ruling, PVBC will now be allowed to use their worship in their new building, beginning next Sunday. 

 Jeff Mateer, lead counsel for PVBC, said, “I’m thankful we had a good judge that followed the law and gave these people the religious freedom the have traveled so far to find.”

 Many PVBC members fled religious persecution under a Communist regime in Vietnam, traveling to America in the 1980s and 1990s.  Pastor Le started PVBC in 2003 with a handful of individuals, and after the church grew to 50 members, began to look for a building of their own.  The property Pastor Le found on Avenue G in Plano had been a church, but was converted to a daycare, and was sitting unoccupied.

 Pastor Le and members of PVBC followed the proper procedures to purchase the property, and many of the members drew from their own life savings.  They then petitioned the City of Plano’s Board of Adjustment to make an exception to a two-acre-minimum site requirement, as the Board had done for other churches in the past.  Despite staff’s recommendation for approval, the Board denied Pastor Le’s request, which was overturned by Judge Brewer today.

 “This is the kind of thing that makes you proud to be an American,” said Kelly Shackelford, chief counsel of Liberty Legal Institute and co-counsel in the case.  “Judge Brewer did the right thing and the church is thrilled that they will be able to hold services in their new building immediately.”


Excuse Me?

I would like to bring attention to this blog post by Jess that I thought hit on some very true points regarding birth control.

I do not consider our family large by any stretch, but have definitely dealt with comments that are derogatory about having kids. Everything from, “You need to figure out what makes that happen…” to, “Oh, now you have a nice LITTLE family!”

Jess did not touch on this, but I have a bit of a peeve right now. I personally have dealt with it some, but also just see it in the lives of friends and family around me.

What business is it of everyone else in the world how many children we have or don’t have? I am increasingly aware of how NOSY everyone is. If you have kids, everyone has an opinion. If you don’t have kids, everyone has an opinion. And family seems to be a main source of the opinions in many, although not all, situations. “Oh, they are too young to have kids.” “Oh, I wouldn’t stack a baby on right now.” “I don’t even want to hear about any grandkids for 10 years.” Or the flip side. “So, are you pregnant YET?” “I keep trying to tell my son/daughter that I am wanting grandkids and I am getting tired of waiting.” (On this side of things, who knows what is going on? Maybe they ARE trying and for whatever reason haven’t been able to conceive yet. In this case such comments and pressure would be very painful…)

As far as I know, it is still a pretty private business getting pregnant. So, why is it okay to peek around the corner and try to direct the outcome of a couple’s intimacy?

What is that saying? Oh, yeah.

Mind your own business.

That one should cover it.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Today I got some things done, in spite of swollen feet and a belly in the way! (I rested my feet…see,… I have them propped up right now.)

First, I attacked my bedroom. It was still clean really but the floor needed sweeping and a few things put in order. Then I swept the girl’s room and then Jakin’s room. THEN, I plunged in on the hall. Yeah, the one that was piled with stuff that I had thrown out of my room when I cleaned it up before, along with other misc. items. So, the back half of my house looks great right now. I am happy for now. I got some other misc. things done as well this morning…

Now if I could borrow a snow shovel from someone for the front half of my house…

BTW, I have some awesome helpers. They can make some awesome messes, but when it is time to clean up, I have a crew that can get in and get it done. I feel very blessed. And hopeful. With a new baby on the way, having big helpers can be very encouraging to think about! Thanks, guys!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I went to see my midwife yesterday for a full check up and all. Baby is doing great! She thinks, and I agree, that this looks like PUPPPS, minus the itch! Okay, I am not going to do any complaining or arguing here. No itch with this thing is just fine with me!!!( I do have bumps on my ankles now as well.) I am praying for all the symptoms to leave… itch or no itch!

The strange thing with this is that it usually associated with first pregnancies. But, hey, when have I ever been accused of being normal… I have thought about it though, and one theory is that this is the first pregnancy after my battle with cancer. Things are probably different in a lot of ways. Which ever or why isn’t really that important to me, but I did think it was interesting. I have definitely felt like this is like my first pregnancy… J

So, what do you think? Should I make a face on my belly? I could have a cool belly pic with acne…

Sunday, September 21, 2008

More Belly News...

I saw my midwife last night and she said that nothing about this seemed serious to her. The fact that there is no itch is a pretty good indicator that there is nothing seriously wrong. But… I was wanting to take belly pics sans spots!!! I am to the point now that I could make some good ones, but not with spots all over!!! There is just nothing that sweet about a spotted belly! :)

So, here I am. Pregnant, getting kicked and pounded, my back hurts, I can’t breathe right, heartburn, two more months of this to go….and spotted. I think it is time for me to get the sympathy I deserve! :-)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Belly Spots?

Last night I noticed these spots on my belly. I wasn’t sure what it was, but thought maybe they had something to do with the tummy panel on my pants. Well, they are still there this morning. They don’t itch or anything, but I don’t get it. What are they? Anyone want to take a guess?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Files Camping Trip...

This week we camped at Brownwood State Park, which is only about 30 miles away. It was so pretty. The sites were nice, things were pretty clean and the scenery was peaceful. We enjoyed the walking trails as well.

Oh, and the food was awesome! David cooked over the fire and we had plenty to eat. As well as a lot of fun! :-)
Sarah decided that she needed to take care of me while we were on the trail. It was so sweet. She said, “Now, you follow me, Mommy, so you don’t fall down.” She then went ahead on the trail and moved briars out of the way and warned me about the bridge we crossed. It was so sweet and cute! I felt very loved! :-)
We ended our time with some swimming. The kids will tell you that they learned to swim. :-)They had a great time, until they got out of the water and the wind hit them! But they all said that they liked the swimming the best!
I was happy. It got down to the mid-40's while we were there. I got cold!!! Yay for me!!! I loved it! :-) The fire felt so good... I forgot the hot chocolate, so I just had to imagine that I was drinking it!

BTW, this is a dolphin. But, of course, you knew that. :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More Baby Stuff...

I have had some questions about the things we need this time around. So, I put together a few baby registries online to give anyone who wants to know an idea of what we need/like. (I did a few since not every place had the things I was interested in...)



BabysRus (This one has the most on it right now....)

Baby Stuff...

Yup, a new post!

I have been busy getting ready for baby, among other things! I am learning all I can about different topics, including,

Infant Potty Training (also known as IPT, EC, etc. This is practiced in different parts of the world with huge success and is a growing movement in the US.)

Babywearing (Another worldwide practice that goes along with natural parenting…)


Here are a few links to interesting sites that I have been on lately….

The Baby Wearer

The Momatoto Project

Tribal Baby

Infant Potty Training

The EC Store

The Sling Station

I have had a lot of fun learning and planning. I am hoping to keep things more simple this time around as well as save time and money. :)

I am in true nesting mode now...

I think I am recognizing the symtoms....

  • My bedroom is clean for the first time in several months... (Like, clean for real....)
  • My desk is clean for the first time all year, I think.....
  • I cleaned the kid's rooms up...
  • Every thought and most conversations turn at some point to getting ready for baby, how we are going to do this or that when we have the baby....
  • I am getting things done so far ahead I am beginning to scare myself....

If anyone thinks that I have misdiagnosed the symptoms, let me know! :)