Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hurrah For Gardening!

My flower bed

Haven't made an appearance in the blog world for a little while.  Not that I hadn't wanted to write, just been busy with life things and pounding out blog posts just doesn't fit in very well...

This spring has been perfect for gardening and so that is where I have invested a lot of my time the last few months. It has been a lot of fun, as well as aggravating at times, like when the goats got in and ate my English peas, cabbage, peppers, etc, or like when the caterpillars came out in full force and left my hard work decimated. But despite those set backs, my gardens have been a lot of fun and have yielded some food for my table. I am looking forward to more produce in the months ahead.

I let myself do something I haven't let myself do for 6 years, and I dug up a flower/herb bed. I have a menagerie of herbs and flowers and the kids even planted a banana tree in it. I also planted some roses in the back yard. Everyday there is something new to look at and enjoy.

After last year's drought and heat wave, it has been like therapy being able to be out in the gardens watching everything grow. Everything is so green and while we have had some warm days, we have mostly had warm, mild spring weather. It has been very pleasant.

What are you doing outside? Are you growing anything or just enjoying the outdoors? Leave me a comment and tell me about what you are doing!