Thursday, January 28, 2010

Guest Post By Yours Truly...

Just thought I would let my readers here know that I was invited to make a guest post on the Surviving the Stores blog on the subject of homemade laundry soap. If you are interested, you can check my post out here. Follow Rachel as she shows you how to save money and time as you survive the stores in style! (You can also follow her on Facebook!)

New Moms and Grandparents! Take Note...

I follow the Bragging Mommy, a great blog about great products. Today reading their feed, I just went, "Uh, yeah...!" when I read just a bit about this one.

The Itzbeen Baby Care Timer is something that would make a great new mom gift or would be great for a mom with a few kiddos and a new baby. As a mom, I can see that this little device would be awesome! One less thing on the brain for a new mom is always a plus. =) Designed by parents, everything is covered.

Right now you can hop over to the Bragging Mommy and enter to win an Itzbeen! They are actually giving away 2 of them Click Here to enter!
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Monday, January 25, 2010

Jakin's Birthday Cake...

Yes, I am showing off. I made Jakin a cake for his birthday. When asked what he wanted, he was thoughtful for a minute, then said, "Dinosaurs, dinosaur tracks, and...snakes."

I wasn't sure how to proceed, but after a trip to the bedroom and mixing some ground cinnamon with the frosting and piping it on....I was pleased.

The effect was even better when we relit the candles at night for round 2 of the birthday cake... (and yes, we sang "Happy Birthday" again....

Just had to show y'all....
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Time Leeches...

My toolsImage by Lars K. Jensen via Flickr

After reading this post over at Erin's Blog, I was elated to find that someone has made a free Firefox pluggin to help me mind myself.

I have often wished that there was a way to keep track of time while on the computer, a way to set some limits on where and how I spend my time online. An online timer, so to speak.

Thankfully, there is a help for fellow time-wasters who want to make a simple change. LeechBlock is a simple add-on for Firefox that is awesome for kids or adults to help manage time. I love this add-on. You simply tell Leech where you want to limit your time during the day. It can be as simple as limiting Facebook to 5 hrs a day instead of 10, or only allowing yourself, (or kids) to visit certain sites at certain times of the day.

So, a great tool to keep you accountable to yourself, or your kids accountable, install LeechBlock.

What will you DO with all that time you find?
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

DIY Toothpaste?

Toothpaste and toothbrushImage via Wikipedia

Ever wonder if there are better ways to brush your teeth? Or something cheaper, simpler to put on the brush?

Okay, maybe most people don't think about such boring things, but I have wondered about it. I mean, what it in toothpaste, anyway? And is the only option for DIY toothpaste to stick nasty baking soda on your brush and pucker while you brush?

So, last night, I tried it. I looked up some recipes online and then charged off to mix a batch for the nightly ritual. I was surprised at how easy it was, how much it made and the effectiveness of the end result.

If you are interested, here is the recipe I tried.

Even my kids liked it. I used some peppermint extract, about half as much as called for in the recipe. My kids don't really like "hot" toothpaste.... =) I personally would like a bit more "mint" to my paste, so I may make another batch for David and I.

Mixing your own toothpaste may not be something you think about as you move the brush back and forth in your mouth. Then again, maybe now you will be thinking about how you could change up the stuff in your tube.......
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Smart Medicine For A Healthier Child

A friend recommended this book to me tonight. Thought I would let my blog friends know about it... I am looking forward to getting my hands on a copy!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

If You Like To Shop Online, May I Suggest...

I shop online a lot more these days. Here is a way I have found to recoup some of my shipping costs and to actually earn money. Check it out! Signing up is totally free...

ShopAtHome Banner

Awesome Sale At Vision Forum! *Ended*

Vision Forum is having an awesome sale on 40 of their DVD's!

What makes it awesome?

70% off makes a sale awesome in my book! =)

Go check it out!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Sh-What?

I got a birthday present!

I really like it and just have to share it with the blog world....

First, a small rant.

I have been amazed at the effectiveness of marketing. Tell women that cleaning their floors is too hard unless they use______ product, and they hop out and buy the gadget mop. Never mind that the refill for the thing will cost them a fortune.

Here is an example.

The Swiffer Wet Jet. To buy this mop, it costs $24.99 at

It comes with
  • 1 Power Mop
  • 2 Disposable Cleaning Pads
  • 1 Bottle of Multi-Purpose Cleaning Solution (16.9 fl oz) Note: This is a smaller amount than the refill size.
  • 1 Scrubbing Strip
The two AA batteries required are not included.

When you run out of cleaning pads, which will be pretty quick if you have a floor of any size, you will have to replace them. A box of 24 cleaning pads costs $12.79 from, again,

They claim that the cleaning pads cleans 2 large rooms or 323 sq ft. After using one, I would have to ask, how do they come up with this figure? The rooms I cleaned were not that dirty, and yet, to really get them clean, I used almost a whole box of cleaning pads. (It was a large living room and moderate sized kitchen...)

The other refill you have to purchase for this mop is the cleaning solution. It is $6.49 for 33.8 fl oz at

So, total cost for this mop system is

  • $24.99 for starter kit
  • $12.79 for cleaning pad refills, which go in a hurry
  • $6.49 for cleaning solution
  • $44.27
Now, just say you had to buy a box of pads, oh, every month or so. Just say you ended up buying 10 boxes over the course of the year.

10 X $12.79 = $127.90

And just say you only had to buy 10 cleaning solution refills in the year.

10 X $6.49 = $64.90

So, not including the AA batteries that you will have to furnish and replace, or the scrubbing pad if it needs replaced, your total cost for the year for the awesome Swiffer Wet Jet will be only
  • $44.27 Start up
  • $127.90 Cleaning Pads
  • $64.90 Cleaning Solution
  • $237.07 Total Cost for the year.
The next year your cost would go down since you wouldn't have to buy the mop again. So in the second year you owned your Wet Jet, you would only pay $192.80 to keep your floors clean.

Added together, the cost of operating the Swiffer Wet Jet for a mere 2 years would be an astronomical $429.87.

That, my friends, is some expensive mop water.

So, back to my birthday present.

After looking at several options, I asked David for a Sh-Mop for my birthday.

What is a Sh-Mop?

Here is the product info from the Clean Team website:

The Sh-Mop sh-cleans your sh-floors in record time.
Escape the tedium of mopping! The Sh-Mop isn't another TV wonder gadget. It's a professionally designed tool with terry cloth Sh-Wipes that cleans in a fraction of the time required for standard string or sponge mops. Our customers love it and our cleaning teams won't live without it. You'll be hooked too. The Sh Mop starts with a sturdy, extra-big, 8" x 15" plastic base called, what else, a Sh-Base. Unlike ordinary mops, the Sh-Base has a very low profile and pivots in any direction to allow you to quickly and easily clean into corners, along tough angles, and underneath tight spots. It's covered with a replaceable 8" x 15" white scrub pad. Then, a thick, 100% cotton terry cloth cover (called a Sh-Wipe, of course) slips over this frame. The scrubbing and absorbing properties of reusable cotton Sh-Wipes make short work of dirty floors. When one Sh-Wipe gets soiled, just pop it off and pop on a fresh one.
  • New 22" of molded foam on handle provides unparalleled user comfort.
  • Ideal for virtually any hard floor: vinyl, urethane-finished wood, tile, marble.
  • Use it on walls, windows, ceilings, cabinets.
  • Rugged design lasts and lasts.
  • Large surface area quickly covers more territory than conventional mops.
  • Cleans without streaking.
  • Sh-Wipes can be machine washed and sanitized after every use. It's like having a new, sparkling clean mop every time you clean.
  • No need for a bucket.
The cost of this:

The Sh-Mop
(Including base, extension Versapole, and 3 Sh-Wipes) $26.95

Or you can get the kit that includes cleaner:

The Sh-Mop Kit

(The above plus a bottle of our popular, gentle, neutral floor Cleaner- Sh-Clean. Regularly $36.90 Save $7.95.) $28.95

Replacement Sh-Wipes (3 pack)

So, the total cost for this system is:

  • $28.95 for Sh-Mop Kit
  • $12.95 optional, replacement Sh-Wipes
  • $41.90 Total Start up cost
This figure is assuming you buy extra Sh-Wipes. Most people wouldn't need more than the 3 that come with the Sh-Mop.

In the first year, there should really be no need to buy more Sh-Wipes, unless you need more on hand. So, your total cost for the year would be $41.90, not including the cost of ammonia, vinegar, or whatever you choose to mop with.

In your second year of ownership, you might choose to replace some wipes, and may need to replace the scrubber pad. Your cost could be:

  • $12.95 Replacement wipes
  • $5.95 Replacement Scrubber Pad and 4 clips
  • $18.90 Total Estimated Cost for Second Year (This is assuming that you would even need to replace the wipes or the pad...)
The estimated cost for 2 years of ownership of the Sh-Mop would be a whopping $60.80.

Swiffer Wet Jet cost of operation for 2 years $429.87
Sh-Mop cost of operation for 2 years $60.80

Oh, and just in case it seems like my figures are off, just say you use half as much "stuff" for the Wet Jet.

That is still a little over $200 for 2 years.....

Yep, marketing has done a good job.

And, thank you, David and kids, for my birthday present. What do you think we could use that extra $350+ for?
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Saturday, January 02, 2010

First Post of 2010...

Here are a few links to sites that I have found helpful in prep for the new year.

This first link is for This site is really good. I am really enjoying the articles over here as I prepare for the New Year.

Here are two of my favorite pages:

  • The downloads page. This page has FREE forms for you to print out and use. As a SAHM, I am really enjoying the "Daily Docket" page. It is a simple layout, but packed with functionality. I am loving it! =)
  • The Best Online Tools for Families. I found this page helpful, and picked up some really good tips. Scroll down and read the comments on this one, there are more good tips added by readers.

There are tons more, take some time and explore

This may be a good system for someone who needs to fix their filing cabinet... Click here.

Here is something you may like for your closet. It is working great for us...
Wonder Hanger

Here is another organizing site that is great!
There are tons of articles, downloads and help for getting your home organized for the new year. I love this author's book, Houseworks: How to Live Clean, Green and Organized at Home

Well, that is it for now.

If anything I post was helpful, let me know! And please leave a comment with your favorite site and/or tip for getting on track and organized for the New Year!