Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Was It Worth It?

Well, I am on the other side of my trip to Denton now. I battled a bladder/kidney infection right before I left. I cleaned the Suburban on the inside throughly.... which was very satisfying... I left the kids with David, (or...was it David with the kids.... :-) ), and headed out. It was a lot of work to get ready, it took time out of David's productivity, cost money.... So, was it worth it? Did it really go as well as I had hoped? Absolutely. It was well worth and way beyond all the effort that went into me going. I had a blast, but more than that, it was real. Real bible teaching, in-your-face bible teaching, exhortation that I needed to hear. (All humbly yet boldly put forth.) Every part of the conference was timely for me. There was not one moment that I wondered if I should have come, or was this really for me. I never even had a moment where I kind of turned my ears off because the speaker was getting into some foolish jesting about things that are not to be jested about or expressing less than ideal attitudes about husbands, etc. I don't know if those reading know me that well, but that is very rare for me. I am a pretty thick-skinned person most of the time, and am pretty good at spitting out bones in messages and getting the meat. But I usually find myself spitting bones a lot! It was rather nice to be able to just enjoy the fare set before me and not have to examine and pick off trash before eating. :-) It was rather refreshing! I had a great time of refreshing and have come home with new resolve and vision. I was also just greatly encouraged that what I am doing here at home is important and valuable.

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