Saturday, November 06, 2010

True Woman '10

Okay, maybe I am a bit late in posting about my time at the conference, but I wanted to post about it anyway. And to share some exciting news for all those who didn't make it, or even for those who did.

I had an amazing time. I was encouraged, convicted of my own sin and challenged to seek the Lord in a deeper way in my everyday life. I was blessed to sit at the feet of many godly, radical women who are totally sold out to Christ and who are not afraid to speak the truth of God's word. I was very encouraged to see the nearly 4,000 women who attended the conference. I felt a bit like Elijah, seeing all the ones that the Lord had reserved for Himself who had not bowed the knee to Baal. In the weeks that have followed the conference, I have had the words of all who spoke following me around and echoing in my ears.

The exciting news is that they have made ALL the True Woman conferences available online, to listen to for FREE! Or you can read the transcript. Video is not up yet but will be soon. Everything is also available for purchase. Click here to go to the messages.