Thursday, September 25, 2008

Excuse Me?

I would like to bring attention to this blog post by Jess that I thought hit on some very true points regarding birth control.

I do not consider our family large by any stretch, but have definitely dealt with comments that are derogatory about having kids. Everything from, “You need to figure out what makes that happen…” to, “Oh, now you have a nice LITTLE family!”

Jess did not touch on this, but I have a bit of a peeve right now. I personally have dealt with it some, but also just see it in the lives of friends and family around me.

What business is it of everyone else in the world how many children we have or don’t have? I am increasingly aware of how NOSY everyone is. If you have kids, everyone has an opinion. If you don’t have kids, everyone has an opinion. And family seems to be a main source of the opinions in many, although not all, situations. “Oh, they are too young to have kids.” “Oh, I wouldn’t stack a baby on right now.” “I don’t even want to hear about any grandkids for 10 years.” Or the flip side. “So, are you pregnant YET?” “I keep trying to tell my son/daughter that I am wanting grandkids and I am getting tired of waiting.” (On this side of things, who knows what is going on? Maybe they ARE trying and for whatever reason haven’t been able to conceive yet. In this case such comments and pressure would be very painful…)

As far as I know, it is still a pretty private business getting pregnant. So, why is it okay to peek around the corner and try to direct the outcome of a couple’s intimacy?

What is that saying? Oh, yeah.

Mind your own business.

That one should cover it.


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