Friday, October 27, 2006

Good morning!
Today is windy and cool, and thankfully we have a woodstove and a warm house. I think about how nice it is to have a house in weather like this. Most of us take that as a normal fact, but some people don't have the privilige or luxury of having a place that is warm and dry. I am thankful for my warm bed and dry house to take care of my family in.

Today is my big cleaning day. Today I get to go through the house cleaning everything up. And today I am going shopping. Online, that is. And I'm planning to get my coop order together.

Keilah's birthday is coming up soon. She will be 5. Wow. It seems like just a short time ago she was a baby. Now she is half way to 10.

Well, on to the other items of the day!
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