Friday, February 06, 2009

So, do you know what a 'Wrapper' is?

Well, I am one.


I think I even have a bit up the fever that wrappers are prone to.


It seems to be a bit of a virus. Once exposed, it takes a varying amount of time to manifest, but in many cases, once it does, the resulting disease, wrapperitis, can be severe.


Symptoms of wrapperitis include dreaming of wraps, all conversations turning to wraps, all fabric examined for wrap worthiness. The most certain symptom is the strong desire to build one’s wrap stash, filling it with wraps of all fabric types and as many colors as possible. Those infected believe themselves to be happy wrapping their babies and will usually not hear any arguments against wrapping very well.


There is no known cure for wrapperitis. The only hope is to pacify victims with diversity in wraps. In some cases, sidetracking for a time may be possible, esp with other ethnic baby carriers. However, those truly infected, always return to their wrapping obsession.


For more info and details on this strange malady, you may be interested in the following websites.


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