Saturday, April 04, 2009

Ah, Spring!!!

I love spring! It is the time of year that the colors outside are just so vibrant and intense. The birds are showing up in a chorus of joyful sounds. Everything just pulls at you to come outside and enjoy the sunshine, the breeze, the sounds.
So, we run out and enjoy it all. For the kids, shoes come off, coats are abandoned and they play for all they are worth. The garden gets attention, the broom gets busy clearing out the house and porch. The fire in the stove is forgotten and, we all hope, not needed for a while. All the doors are left wide open and the fresh wind blows through the house.
There are new baby goats to play with, butterflies floating by and the first brave flowers poking their heads out and showing their faces.
Then, the wind turns cold, the sky changes color and we all head back in- with armloads of wood so we won't be so cold. Coats that were abandoned don't look so bad now, in fact, we don't want to do anything outside without one. The smell of smoke from our fire is once again welcome. And will you please shut the door?!
But, spring is coming. It can't be held back for long. And down here, we know that the cold doesn't stick around long anyway. Tonight may be in the 30's or lower and tomorrow we could have a high of 90.
Spring is great, and we'll enjoy it as it pushes it's way in.
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