Thursday, February 09, 2012

I'm Hungry, So I Made Breakfast Before Bed *UPDATED With Pictures*

I am trying out a new recipe/idea tonight. Sitting in my crockpot on low is my version of this blogger's recipe...

A Year of Slow Cooking: Overnight Egg, Cheese and Sausage CrockPot Casserole

Picture of set to cook crockpot:

Here is what my version included:
I don't have sausage, so I used 1 lb ground beef with some misc. herbs/seasonings.
I shredded my 4 baking potatoes instead of chopping them.
I threw in a handful of Romano cheese, thanks to my good friend Lydia sharing her stash.
I added a roughly chopped onion on top of my 10 eggs and dribble of milk.
Salt and pepper used liberally on all layers.
I drizzled olive oil over the meat and potatoes and then dumped the unbeaten eggs on top, and then poked them a bit with a fork.
I think I stuck the fork down to the depths of the crockpot and lifted up a bit to let the layers combine a little, but not too much. It wasn't really a legal stirring of the pot. More of a poking at it.
We'll see what we have in the morning after letting it cook on low all night....
(Click here to view my results...)

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