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Welcome, Randal Carbon Steel!

Randall Carbon Steel Files was born at 4:30 am on Jan 4, 2013 at home, my second HBAC baby. He was 9 lbs 7 oz and 20 1/2" long and had been 41 weeks and 1 day in gestation. He was my shortest labor to date, only 4 hrs long.

Here is the story of his birth, copied from my baby blog.

Warning: Loong and a bit graphic. It is a birth story. At the end is a really cute story about my youngest kids, if you want to skip to the end and read that, feel free.=) )

On Jan 4, 2013 at 12:30 am, I finally went into real labor. =)
Intense labor.
Hard labor.
It was def a zero to sixty kind of experience.
David and I were lying in bed, talking a bit, about to drift off to sleep. I had been having contractions all evening, about like the ones I had been having for the past 2 weeks. Not worth mentioning or paying attention to.
I had felt like I might be getting closer that evening. I had passed some gas and had some bowel movements that were different. Earlier that day, actually the 3rd, I had gone to the chiropractor. I had had an adjustment to hopefully get things lined up and help the baby come down.
He came down after I got done shopping, got home, got everything put away, supper made, the kids in bed, etc.
While we were lying there, a contraction gripped me and was powerfully intense. David asked me in the baby was pushing or putting pressure, and all I could do was moan and then as it was easing up tell him it was a huge contraction. Another one hit, and as I listened to myself, I was shocked to find that I sounded like I was about ready to push the baby out. It felt like I was nearing that place.
I told David that we had better call Carol. Now.
I called. Voice mail. I left a message and hung up. I sent her a text. In just a minute or so, she called me. A contraction hit just as I answered the phone. I couldn’t talk, so David took over and told her that the contractions had hit really hard right off. She said, “Oh, no. I am on my way. I am grabbing my purse and heading out the door.” Click.
I was not able to help David get ready at all. Standing felt the best, but I was afraid to stand. The last time Carol had checked things, the baby’s head was not straight but a bit cocked and not hard against the cervix. While I was pretty sure he had straighten out, I didn’t know for sure that he was in the right position. If my water broke, I didn’t want to run the risk of another prolapsed cord. So I labored for the 2 1/2 hrs  took for Carol to get there mostly on my all fours. Mostly. I did some standing and swaying. I just had to. And the more I did, the more I realized that this baby had to be close to being born.
I had a lot of pain in my lower back. About the time Carol got there, it had intensified.
We had run out of propane that evening. I had hoped to be able to labor in the shower, nice hot water on my back. But had to release that to the Lord.
I had directed David to stick a pot of water on the wood stove to heat with some wash clothes in it. When Carol got here, it was nearly hot. Within a short time, she was putting hot rags on my back and pressing down hard on my lower back. It was awesome and just what I needed to help me get through that pain. I was making it, but oh, did that help.
Carol checked me. I was fully dilated and effaced all but a small lip. My water hadn’t broken yet, and Carol said that when it did, I would have the baby very soon. I couldn’t believe it. I had only been in labor about 3 hrs and I was nearly ready to have the baby!
I continued to labor, squatting, standing, going to the bathroom, etc.
About 20 min or so before he was born, I was standing in front of the stove and said I wanted to pray  again for the baby to turn and to not be born posterior. David began praying, and I felt the pain in my back leave. Carol said to me, “He just moved, didn’t he?! I saw your belly move!” He had moved and was no longer posterior.
Standing felt so good, I joked with David and Carol that I was going to call this my African birth. Standing and swaying my hips while praying loudly in tongues was just the way I wanted to labor. As did hanging onto David and letting him hold me, dead weight, through a few contractions.
Suddenly, I felt an enormous pressure toward my rectum. I had to push, but it felt so big. I was on my knees, head on the mattresses, pushing when my water broke. I could see that it was dark. I began praying over the baby. Carol checked him, he was fine, heartbeat was 130. I pushed a little more, and then wanted to turn around. I turned, leaning my elbows on the mattress behind me. I was really pushing now. I knew that I may be sore later, but felt like I needed to get the baby out, now. David and Carol were scrambling, trying to get in a good position to catch the baby and to get my legs in a good position to have him. I wasn’t fighting them, but couldn’t really move my legs either. I just pushed. I ended up lying nearly flat of my back as I pushed him out, but I was holding myself up with my legs on the floor and my arms supporting myself on the mattresses. David told me he could see the head, dark hair, he said. I was glad to know I was making progress. I kept pushing. Then, he was out! I was so overjoyed. David had caught him and he put him up on my stomach. I held onto him, just so happy that I wasn’t even able to open my eyes and look at him for a minute. Just feeling him on me was amazing.
We were lying tummy to tummy. Randall raised his little head up and was trying to look at me through vernix caked eyes. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen. Little puffy eyes blinking at me, little hands groping, hearing him breathe and snort.
David went to see if any of the kids were awake. He came back and reported that Keilah and Sarah were awake and had heard me have the baby. David told them to come on out, so they got to come out before Randall was even 5 min old.
The girls made us a snack platter with summer sausage, cheese ball, crackers and grapes. It was perfect.
Jakin got up after the placenta was delivered. He was very pleased to see the baby.
 Randall was born with a TON of verix. My midwife told us she had never seen that much vernix at a birth. It was soo thick. Usually the later a baby is, the less vernix there is. Randal was 41 weeks and 1 day. While I know my dates are totally accurate, he was def not a 'late' baby. The placenta was also not old. He was just right on time for him. =)

Okay, here is the promised story. =D

While I was in labor with Randall, it began to snow and by the time he was born, there was a beautiful blanket of snow. There was no wind as it fell, so it stacked up on the trees evenly and seemed to be the prettiest snow we had ever seen.

After Keliah, Jakin and Sarah had eaten a snack and gotten dressed, they headed out into the snow to play a bit before it melted. The sun was barely up when they headed out the door.

Carol laid down and took a small nap on our love seat. I had labored in the living room and had a couple mattresses stacked up to lie on. I was sitting/reclining on them when Travis came out. I was feeding Randall under a blanket. There was a table next to me where we had laid some birth supplies and our snack tray.

Travis came out, bleary-eyed and awake but still in a bit of a sleep haze.

He came over to where David and I were sitting, not seeing Carol sleeping on the loveseat.

 "Good morning," I said.

"Good morning," he said, as he started to climb into my lap for his morning hug as usual. I gently stopped him and was about to tell him about the baby when he saw the bulb ear syringe, used to suck gook out of the baby's nose, lying on the table next to me. Picking it up before I had time to say anything he said,

"What is this?!"

"It's for sucking junk out of a baby's nose."


I thought that might help him to realize what had happened while he was asleep. But he didn't seem to connect the dots in his haze.

"Travis, I have something to show you," I said as I pulled back the blanket covering the nursing baby.

He stared. A slight scowl was on his face as he said in a shocked voice, "Whose baby is THAT?!"

I did not laugh. I promise. It was a miracle from the Lord that I did not.

"It's YOUR baby," I said.

A huge smile replaced the puzzled scowl, delight spread over his now glowing face and he laughed as he said, "Ahha, ha, ha, HA!!!"

It was hilarious and soo sweet.

Then David told Travis we had another surprise for him.

"What is it?" he said.

"Go look out the window."

Travis went to the window. "Snow!!!" Then after a small moment, he said, "Uh oh, Daddy. Carol left her car here. She forgot to take it."

David didn't laugh, but I don't know how. "No, she didn't forget it. Carol is still here."

Travis whirled from the window, that puzzled frown back on his face and amazement in his voice.


"On the couch."

Travis came out from behind the stove, which had blocked his view of the couch as he stood at the window, walked over to the loveseat and grinning ear to ear smiled at Carol, sleeping on his couch. He couldn't have been happier to see her sleeping there. He looked very pleased, like she was an awesome Christmas present lying there. It was hilarious and cute all over again, and we couldn't even laugh about it!

 A few minutes later, Rayna woke up. She came out, sleepy and ready for her morning hug. Right before she got to me, as I was saying, "Good morning, Rayna," she spotted that bulb syringe on the table.

"What 'dat?", picking it up and looking it over. The baby was back under the blanket, so she didn't see him, just the amazing bulb syringe. =)

"It's for getting the yucky out of a baby's nose"


"Rayna, we have a surprise for you. Look!"

I opened the blanket and showed her the baby. As she started smiling, before she or I could say anything,

Travis loudly and joyfully told her, in case she didn't know, "It's YOUR baby, Rayna! It's YOUR baby!"

Then David told Rayna to look out the window.

She saw the winter masterpiece that had fallen from the sky. She had never seen snow before.

"What is it?" asked David.

In a awed whisper Rayna answered, "Pretty!" She was just mesmerized looking at the snow.

"Yes, it is pretty," I said. "Do you know what it is called?"

"Neah." (Rayna's version of 'yeah')

"What is it called?

"Pretty!" breathed the little awe-struck lady.

I think snow will always remind us of that amazingly cute moment. =D

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