Monday, September 05, 2016

Adrenal Fatigue and the Trials of Resting

I always feel bad when I think about how long it's been since I blogged over here... Random writings seems to be what I do best.

Just living up to the name of my blog.  Ah, well... 

Been a long lull in the action on the blog and here I am again. Back at my little blog.
So much has happened in the months since I made a post, or thought of it... But most of it doesn't matter right now.

In June, I had a health crisis and landed pretty flat in bed with what we later found out was adrenal fatigue. Flat meaning, I couldn't drive, text, read and stick with what I was reading, or even check facebook. (That's when you know it's FACEBOOK?)

I was freaking out on my family- my nerves were all out of wack, so any normal chatter, questions, issues, movement, etc just sent me over the edge. Embarrassing then and now, but totally real and impossible to deal with. I'd have to just keep away from everyone most of the time. David was ok, Keilah or Jakin at times, other than that.... I felt so bad but just couldn't help it. (Making jokes about my "poor nerves" in the midst and when I could, apologizing for not being able to be there for them more has seemed to at least keep feelings from being done in, but it has been hard on everyone else, too...)

I was also swelling all over. That was concerning and I didn't know what was going on.

I finally got help from Dr. Patterson in Abilene. I was so thankful to find him. He determined I was dealing with adrenal fatigue and started me on supplements right away to start gently supporting the adrenals. After 2 weeks, I was able to drive. I still had to rest, rest, rest but began being able to text, facebook, and make phone calls. After 4 weeks of treatment, I was able to attend the L'BRI convention, something I thought I was going to have to miss.

I've been back and forth a bit, some days are better than others, but for the most part, I'm gaining. 
Rest is my main prescription and taking care of me by taking my supplements/meds and...... doing as much of nothing as possible. Sounds simple enough, until... you realize you have to figure out how to not go crazy just laying in bed...

Some days, when I feel like it, I can take a walk. And then rest. Staying down is not easy for me, but it does pay off. I can feel it helping. And sometimes, I don't feel it helping, I just have to know it is. 
I've had times I needed to rest before, like after a baby. Nothing before was like this. Resting is a verb, like I wrote about before, fighting to rest, only this time, it is fighting me, Nichola. And it is the way I have to fight to stay sane, keep and regain my health.

I don't feel like I need to rest. With 6 kids and a business to run, it sure doesn't feel like I can do this.

They need me.

And that is why I have to. This is war.

My family needs me, and the best way to give myself back to them is to let them handle everything right now as much as possible.

So, I'm fighting to rest. Fighting by leaving them to it. Fighting by sleeping in. Fighting by enjoying movies by myself.

Now that I feel like it, fighting by blogging.

I'll be posting more here in this season. I've got a bunch of blogs just aching to pour out as I lie here. Adrenal stuff. Family stuff. How we're making it work stuff. Stuff I'm learning about.

If you read all this thanks. If you think about it, I appreciate your prayers.

If you have something going on in your life I can pray for, I'd love it if you'd leave me a comment. If you prefer to email me, peachfarmerswife (@) gmail . com is my email. (You'll have to put it back together, but writing it in code keeps spam bots from picking it up.)

I'll see ya soon with something random.

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