Friday, October 01, 2010

Random Trivia

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I thought I would do something a bit different in this post. Recently, a reader of my blog sent me an email with some questions and I thought it would be fun to share a few here.

Where were you born?
I was born in Vancouver, WA. My parents moved 20 times before I was 10, (no, not military...), which included moving to OK, ID, a few places in OR and WA, AK, and back to OR/WA. We lived in the same house in Portland, OR for 7 1/2 years and then packed up and moved to OK again when I was almost 15. When I was 21, I met my husband and after we married, I moved to TX and have been here for 9 1/2 years now, the longest I have ever lived in one place. =D

-Have you always lived out in the country?
I have not always lived in the country, in fact, I did most of my growing up in town. When we lived in Portland, we had an 80x100ft lot. When we moved to OK for the second time, we rented houses that were usually still in town, but out a bit. We had chickens, sheep, turkeys, etc there. But even when I was in town, I was a country girl stuck in the city. =) Now we live 15 miles from the nearest grocery store. That was definitely an adjustment, but I have learned how to manage it very well now. I do a lot of my shopping online, which saves me a ton of time and gas and usually money as well.    

Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis), Melbourne Zo...Image via Wikipedia What kinds of things does your family enjoy doing?
We tend to be homebodies as well, and I personally think that while a family is young, this is really good. We do like to go hiking and camping, swimming, picnicking, enjoy flea markets, shopping in junk stores, etc. We haven't been to the zoo in a while, but enjoy that as well. We have done museums, etc when we are traveling. I think anywhere with water is a big hit with our folks. =) We like going to parks and swinging, etc, esp when we have spent a good portion of the day shopping! =P At home, my kids are outside a lot in warm weather, we enjoy gardening, working with our animals, etc. The front yard is an ever changing place for play, where shovels are the tool of choice along with sticks and hammers! =D In the house, cooking, cleaning, coloring, play-dough, imaginative play, (dolls, animals, blocks, etc), puzzles, tent building, scissors and tape can turn anything into you name it! I am really looking forward to getting our kitchen finished. I want to involve the kids more in the kitchen than I have been able to in the last few years. They have been able to do some, but it has been limited.

What randomness can you share about your family? Leave me a comment or leave a link to your blog post sharing your random trivia! 


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