Friday, September 24, 2010

Get Free (or nearly free) Household Items!

Like I have said before, I love getting good deals and passing them on. Today I had one passed on to me, and so I would like to pass it on to those reading my blog!

I follow, "Surviving the Stores" on facebook, and today she posted a deal where you could get 2 bamboo cutting boards for free! Well, by the time I got in to get mine, the free ones were gone, but I got 2 bamboo cutting boards that I personally liked even better for $1.95 shipped!!!

The deal I got is now gone, but there are more deals coming up. Here is how to get in on it.

Go to Ones Kings Lane and sign up for free. Just basic sign up info... You will get a $15 credit to your account, just for signing up.

If you shop the sales and find an item you like for $7-$10, you will end up getting it for free or almost free when you checkout. Your credit will apply toward the shipping charges.

Tomorrow there will be a sale starting on some atisan cheeses! I am hoping to snag a deal on that...

If you snag a deal, I would love to hear about what you got! Leave me a comment telling about your awesome deal!
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