Saturday, April 13, 2013

Another Water Saver

Here another little water saving device that def is worth a look.

It is a  simple little device that screws onto the bathroom faucet. Turn on the faucet handles to the desired pressure and temp and you are set to save water. Simply push your hands into the little lever hanging from the faucet and water flows from the faucet until you move your hand, letting the lever swing back into place, stopping the flow of water. There are more than one type of this device and a variety of colors.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here is a video...(Hmm. How many words is a video worth...?)

Cool, huh?

Here is one place to get this type.
Smart Faucet

I also found another type of these nifty devices. You can find it here.
Danco Instant Off

Do you know of another type off instant off adapter?  Or another water saving idea? Leave me a link or tell me about it in the comments below!

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