Sunday, May 25, 2014

First Post Of The Year

Every good blog has a focus, a topic and regular posts. Or at least that is what I read on blogs where the point is to help bloggers succeed.

I think I am doing pretty well with mine.

Topic- My life happenings and thoughts. That works, right?

Focus- Random stuff in my life. That qualifies, I am sure. If I wrote more about my life happenings, I would have even more random material.

Regular posts- Check. One post every six months to a year, sometimes a burst of posts followed by a long silence. Yep, I think my readers know what to expect. 

Okay, I am being a bit silly. And really do wish I posted more regularly. Sometimes I let my lack of posting, focus and post regularity be something that has a right to be on the list. You know, the list of stuff I am failing at. The one that is supposedly okay to pound on me daily, jumping around in my head like a wild war dance, screaming, scolding, taunting me with all the to-do's that will never be done.

And as I sat down to *finally* bang out a post, ready to apologize, ready to accept the shame and move on, resolving to somehow find the magic spot of blogging success being more focused, more regular, etc., I just realized the silliness of letting that list of failures dominate me. Do I want to have a better blog? Yes. But I need to shake off the condemnation of what I am not accomplishing, and move beyond it. Better still, I need to burn the hopping, screaming list, or at least burn it in my imagination, (finding time to find all my to do lists, make new ones, find the time and place to then cermoniously burn them, etc,......isn't going to happen at this season of my life), and stop listening to the accusing.

So, hopefully, this won't be a lonely post at the top of my blog for the next 8 months. But if it is, and you are reading this at Christmas or New Year's, I am not going to fret and stress about it.

Random. It is even in the title of my blog. 

So, in a way, I just checked that off the list. :)

What can you check off your list?

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