Friday, October 24, 2014

Saving Money On Surgery

Medical bills are hard to save on. Discount medical care, coupons, etc are not really much of an option.

But we learned this week that there is one simple way to save, esp on big stuff, like surgery.

#1 Money Saving Tip on Medical Bills: 

Get a second opinion. 

This week David was scheduled to have surgery under general anesthesia.  A visit to the dr about some growths that looked a bit concerning led to the diagnosis that he needed them removed, one was possibly life-threatening and the other was too painful to remove in the office and would require general anesthesia to correct.

After my bought with cancer and the experience of a second opinion saving my life, we learned that those second opinions are sometimes very important. Esp on the big stuff, like, chemo, surgery, etc.

This second opinion saved us a big junk of change, at least $2000+ if not more. The dermatologist took care of the concerning growth in the office and let us know the other one was not an issue. $156 for the visit.

Even if it is not comfortable, you feel like you might be being disloyal or rude to your doctor, get a second opinion. Once it saved my life, as I was about to receive the wrong chemo agents and didn't know it until I went to another doctor. This time, David was spared a financial strain that we seriously could not afford and the time spent recovering from surgery, etc.

Thankfully, sometimes you can save money just by asking.
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