Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone and a happy and blessed 2007 to you all.
I know, there is a lot to catch up on on here. I will just type as much as I can right now.

I am at MDA again for testing. So far I have done my PET scan and lab work. I am waiting to get my drink for the CT scan. I haven't decided what flavors to get. None of them are good. They are all white and about the constistancy of thick paint. They have flavors that try to make your tongue think that what you are swallowing is food. "Try" is the word. Berry, orange, banana, and apple are the flavors. All are horrible. I have started a good joke with them, though. I start by asking the nurse for the chocolate flavor. There are varying responses to my request. Some laugh and assure me there is no such flavor. Some nearly bark out the flavors that are availible. All are fun to harras. But the best is yet to come. I then head to the waiting room to begin the process of trying to get down as much of the first glass as possible. I sit down with a self-satisfied smile among other drinkers. As is the normal custom, I am asked by someone in the group what flavor I chose. (Keep in mind that none are satisfied with their choice and are wishing they could trade after the first sip.) After I smile and act very pleased I answer loud enough for several to hear.

"I got chocolate!" :-)

Some laugh right away, some think I may be serious. The best time to give out this information is when a nurse is present, handing a refill to a patient that has had plenty of the discusting drink. It is awful, I guess, but it is so much fun. The poor nurse has to beat a hasty retreat after all the other patients harass her with requests for the non-exisistent chocolate flavor.

It is no fun to drink that stuff, much less go through the test. I figure the best thing I can do is laugh about it, and help someone else laugh, too. I have seen that the way people handle things can really help other people to handle their trials better. Even if it is just a few cups of bariurm.

Merry Christmas!
We had a good Christmas season. A bit busy but peaceful. We had a good time at Ma and Pa's on Christmas Day- along with Cathy, Richard and Rachel,-eating, opening presents and playing games. It was so good to be in our new house for Christmas.

We had a good visit with Emily, Patrick, Emmett and Joshua after Christmas. Lots of silly stuff, lots of fun stuff. We made butter, cooked pancakes, played with make-up, played Balderdash and the Files card game, laughed and goofed around, had a big slumber party, and ended it all with a big pillow fight in the living room. Fun? Oh, Yeah! :-) Love you guys!
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