Thursday, April 12, 2007

Farm Kids

We are still enjoying our goat kids! Keilah is living the book, “Hedi,” and just having a wonderful time with her ‘herd.’ She watches them carefully, counting often during the day to make sure that they are all accounted for. I laugh continually at their antics. Earlier was a typical example. (Note the goat on the swing!)

David took the tractor and trailer to the pasture to do some work on the fences. Two of the kids decided to follow him, bouncing along beside the trailer. When he would stop for a moment to open a gate or some such thing, they would jump onto the trailer. After bouncing around all over that, they would hop off as it started moving again and bound along beside it. It was hilarious to watch, although I knew that it was difficult for David. :-) He finally had to stop, get off, catch the little imps and put them back on the house side of the fence. They stood there a minute and watched him leave. Then they threw their heads up in the air, turned and bounded for the house. (Note: The picture shown was taken later when David was just moving the trailer. For some reason it is very popular with all kinds of kids. :-) Believe it or not, most of the goats shown rode the trailer all the way until David stopped to unload some of his pile. That turned into another adventure!)

I did have someone comment on the pictures of the goats in the house. :-) The question was asked how we keep them out now that they have been in.

Well, we have to race them to the door and stick a foot out to keep them from coming in. :-P Sometimes we lose and they get in before us or along with us. Getting them back out is not too hard. The house is not that interesting anyway now that they are a bit bigger!
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