Thursday, April 12, 2007

We were blessed and excited to receive some much needed rain recently. It was not, however, without some excitement that bordered on the scary side. :-)

A large storm system moved across our area bringing rain and hail. Some areas had bigger hail than others did. We received some hail that was from large pea to marble size. The hail did affect the orchard- how much it was affected is still hard to tell. There was a small tornado that touched down at Carbon, but from what I have heard, it was out in a field and did no harm. Looking at the sky, we knew that we should be near the storm cellar, so we went to Ma and Pa’s. These top 2 pictures you see are what I took on our way over.

Later that day we delivered some food to a family in Gorman. There was another system watering the earth when we left to go. We got out of it driving to Gorman, but hit it again on the way back. It was a slow moving storm. We got a lot of runoff from both systems. The creek was running when we got home, and our tanks were full. That was really good to see!
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