Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Shh! Don't Tell David....

I feel pretty safe posting this here since David doesn't usually read my blog or facebook. I wouldn't risk it, only I thought y'all might like to know about the deal I got so you can jump in before Valentine's.

Cheryl & Co has a $10 off coupon, NO minimum order! You can get cookies, chocolate, whatever. Some items qualify for free shipping.

But it gets better.

Go through the ShopAtHome.com website and you can get 5% back on your order. Plus, you get $5 credited to your account if you are a new member at ShopAtHome, just for signing up! (If you have never used ShopAtHome.com before, just signing up will save you time and money. I am about to get a $20 check from purchases I have made through their site over the last few months. I didn't have to buy anything special, I just shopped at sites I would normally shop at, but just went through the ShopAtHome.com site first to get a percent of my purchases back.)

Don't tell David, but I got him the Harry London Chocolate Collection. With the coupon, TENFORFREE, I got $10 off and free shipping, and 5% cash back at ShopAtHome.com. I also got to write a decent sized message to be included with the gift. (Space to write what you really want to say was a nice surprise...)

Check it out if you need a gift for your honey, or your best friend, or the blogger who told you about it...=D

Thanks to Money Saving Mom for letting me know about this!

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