Sunday, February 21, 2010


I am having some big thoughts this afternoon, and thought I would jot them down here so I can read them later.

I have been fretting and worrying over things lately. Trying to get ahead, trying too hard to figure things out. Stressed when I can't see around the corner.

Why? Cause I am a silly human who can't see God's plans and I think it is all up to me. Sometimes I don't see that that is what I am doing, but it is nonetheless.

Today I am thinking about this. Praying about it. And I think I am getting somewhere with it.

God knows where I am. He knows everything I need. When I have a need, in any area of my life, including lack of faith, I need to talk to Him. Not beg like a four-year old who will fuss if they don't get what they want. Not fixated on the need that needs taken care of, but looking to Him to fully take care of ALL my needs.

And then, do my business. No fretting, dropping everything else til I figure out how I am going get my needs taken care of. God knows where I am at. He WILL take care of me. I just need to rest and trust in Him. That is not easy to do in the midst of my Need, whatever it is. But today as I am pondering this, I am seeing again that I must rest in the storm. I must continue on in my work that He has called me to while I wait for Him to take care of my needs.

My prayer is that I will really get this down deep inside of me. I want this to be such a part of the way I do things that my first thought is to trust God, not worry and fret.
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