Friday, January 20, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

Today is David's and mine anniversary. 5 years. Wow. It has been a really full 5 years. So much has happened in such a short amount of time. I have grown so much because of my marriage to David. I have experienced so much that I would not have had I not been married to him. I have been so happy, the happiest I have been in my whole life. We have been through a lot of hard times together. But through it all we have been together and I would never trade the times we have been through for anything. I love you David. Thank you for the best 5 years of my life and for being the special guy you are.

I am doing chemo right now. I started yesterday and will get unplugged tomorrow. I have had an easier time this round than the other times. As for my test results, things are looking very good. They said that there only a few places that still show up on the CT scan. All the lymph nodes have gone down a lot. After 2 more rounds of chemo they will do a PET scan to see if there is any activity that would indicate that more chemo needed to be done. But my doctor was really pleased with my progress. I am so thankful and am looking forward to being done with treatment.
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