Monday, July 25, 2005

Peach Heaven

Right now we are in full swing in our peach orchard. Peaches are getting ripe, some of the earlier varieties are now too ripe and are falling off the trees. David is busy every day that he is home, picking and sorting. Every other day he goes to Abilene to the farmer's market and sells peaches. And then usually picks when he gets home. We have people coming out to the farm every day. Some come to pick their own but more come to buy them already picked. It is fast paced right now, but won't last long. The middle of August we will be done, or somewhere around then.

I haven't been feeling just right the last few days, well, for a couple weeks really. I am running a low grade fever a lot and am not sure why. I am going to make an appoinment with a NP today. She is really nice and seems to know her stuff.

Well, my little people are starting to get up. I need to take care of them. I had more that I wanted to write, but there will be another time! :-)
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