Thursday, July 21, 2005

Something About Me

I don't know if anyone is reading my blog yet or not, but I would like to introduce myself and my family in this post.

My name is Nichola Files and I am married to David, the best guy in Texas. We have been married for 4 1/2 years now and have 3 children. Keilah (3), Jakin (18 months), and Sarah (7 weeks). We live on a farm in Central Texas. We raise peaches in the summer and have a pick your own peach orchard where people can come pick their own tree-ripened peaches. In the spring we operate a greenhouse where we raise garden plants such as tomato plants, pepper plants, etc. We sell most of our plants wholesale to garden centers and feed stores. We also raise cattle and do a few other misc. crops. Right now we are very busy and covered up with peaches. We have a very good crop this year and are staying very busy harvesting and selling the peaches.

I stay at home with our children and help run our business. That is a full-time job. :-) I love what I do and am very content. Some think that I could have had a life, made something of myself, been somebody. Those who think that have not seen what I do! I am constantly learning and growing in my abilities and talents. I have often told my husband that I am not missing out on building a career, I am doing it right here. I spend a lot of time taking care of my kids, changing diapers, training, feeding etc. And I spend a lot of time cleaning house, although I am learning to spend less and less. :-) But I also spend a lot of time taking care of our business, thinking of new ways to market our products, learning how to build websites, talking with customers, etc. I love what I do. If I could have picked a career out of a book, this is what I would have picked.

This is a small introduction. If anyone reads my blog then you will find out in future posts more about me.

If you read this, would you do me a favor and comment so I will know that someone is reading this?
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