Thursday, March 22, 2007


I am scheduled to go to MDA again in April. This time I was able to move my appointments closer together to each other. I will have my tests done the 4th and then see my doctor on the 5th. That will be much easier! I am planning to go down by myself again, but will only have to spend one night in Houston, compared to 3 nights. That will be much easier! I have purchased tickets to fly down and back, so that will cut my travel time down even more.

BTW, health wise I feel like I am doing really well. I have plenty of energy and have a fine crop of hair now. :-) LOL! I have noticed some effects of the chemo, but they seem to be fading as time passes. I just praise the Lord for His kindness and mercy to me.

I would appreciate prayer for the test results and for my trip. And thank you all for your prayers. Without prayer I would not be here today.
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