Thursday, March 15, 2007


Hello! I am still here, I just have not been blogging!

The latest news on the farm has been the addition of new baby goats! Our "ladies" are having kids, the cutest babies in Texas! We had twins born on March 8. This morning I got out of the shower and kept hearing a kid close to the house and I knew that it didn't sound like on of the kids we already had. Sure enough, we had a new little doe this morning.

We are bottle feeding them so that they will be easier to wean. This does mean more work now, though. :-) Now they all think we are their mothers. "Maaa, maaa, maaa," we hear as soon a we get near them.

As you might imagine, our people kids love the goat kids. :-) They enjoy feeding and playing with them. There are limits, however.

After the first kids were born, we all out in the pen feeding and petting them. I was explaining to one of the goat kids that I didn't mind being it's mother, too. Jakin just frowned and me and made a negative sound. The goat was close to me and I was petting it. Next thing I knew, Jakin was in my lap, and wanting me to agree that I was his mama, not the goat's mama. :-) It was hilarious, but not to Jakin. :-)
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