Thursday, March 29, 2007

More Goat News

Our baby goats are more fun everyday. Yesterday we had some excitement. :-) When I came in, a kid came in also. The people kids really like the goat kids coming in the house. Keilah just called them all in, all eight of them. How could I say no? Next thing I knew, the whole bunch were in the kitchen, on the couch, in the bedrooms, eating plants, and bouncing in and out of the rocking chair. Jakin was just waking up from his nap. As he was lying there sleepily, he was pleased to have Blanc, the white buck, leap onto his bed. I poked my head in his room to find him grinning from ear to ear at the goat on his bed. Pretty soon people kids and goat kids were running around the house like wild animals. At one point, Keilah had a group of goats in her bedroom. The six does seemed to enjoy playing with her dollhouse. They surveyed the mess and tried to help clean up, but lacked the ability to do much about it.

I did find out how quickly goats can make a big mess- or rather, I almost did.

I was working at the sink in the kitchen. Blanc reared up to see if I was getting his milk. As he was on the way back down, his front leg opened one of the cabinet doors. Since it was open, he poked his head in, just to see. All he really did was sniff. As I was bending to remove his inquiring nose, he accidentally brushed his nose on the lid to my mixer. As it came crashing out of the door, so did a bread pan. I am not quite sure how he managed to bump it, and I don’t think he was either. :-) As I put everything back and shut the door, I just had to grin about the whole thing. If this is how fast and totally unintentionally a baby goat can cause trouble, no wonder grown goats get into trouble. :-)
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