Sunday, August 28, 2005

CT Scan And Other Fun Stuff

Well, Friday I went in and had a CT scan. Yay. If any of you have ever had one you know what I mean. The scan itself wasn't too bad, but getting ready for it was not something I want to repeat. I had to drink an iodine drink. It looked like powdered lemonade drink and tasted like 10 year old powdered lemonade that had gone really bad. I had 4 big strofoam cups of it to drink. I did okay on the first one, but halfway through the second one I started feeling sick. I had to drink them pretty much all at once. I got 3 down and they told me I could take the other one with me and come back in an hour. I tried, I really did. But I couldn't get the last bit down. When I got back I asked the nurse if I had to finish it. She told me to go ahead and dump it out. For my test it would be okay, but usually I would have to get it down. YUCK!!! And then I had to have an IV while I had the CT scan.

I don't know the results yet but probably will tomorrow.

I got my schedule worked out yesterday, or most of it that is. David gave me some good advice to use this time to get my schedule all written down. So I got busy working on that. I have some more fine tuning to do and then will post it here.

It is not very long until time for us to leave on our trip. I am so glad that I have been learning not to get so worked up about the little stuff 'cause there is a lot that I am not going to get done it looks like before I go. I wanted to be able to get the house back in order and leave with a spotless house. This would be reasonable and I may still get it done, but if I can't I can't and I am not going to worry about it.

I am really looking forward to going. I have a hard time believing that we are really going to go. It just seems so far out there that we could really get on a plane and go to Oregon/Washington! It is going to be so exciting.
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