Monday, August 29, 2005

Morning Musings

Hurricane Katrina
Wow. I have been reading news stories about Katrina this morning. My husband woke me up to show me the radar picture of Katrina. Scary doesn't quite describe the feeling you get when you look at that storm. From what I understand, some of the places around New Orleans could be simply wiped off the map from a storm like this. Wouldn't that be weird? To leave your home and come back and the place where it was is totally gone? Even the land it had been standing on? I can't imagine it.

Erin and Rene, are you are seeing some of the evacuees down there? One news story said that there was a river of headlights streaming away from the storm and into Texas.

CT Scan
Hopefully today I will find out the results of my CT scan. And I hope I don't have to go in, it is an hour drive and gas is so high. Sigh. We will do what we have to do.

I am trying to get a picture of my posted to my profile. I'm having to figure it out and it is going to take me a bit.

In the meantime, here is one of me making bread just before I got pregnant with my youngest.

My husband says it looks like a Crisco advertizment! LOL!

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