Thursday, October 09, 2008

Goat Vanilla?

I was listening to the kids while they were playing this morning. They have had a grand time digging up grub worms in the goat pen lately. They were discussing what should be done with the ones they have. Jakin was informing Sarah that to keep her worms alive, she would have to put goat vanilla in the bucket where they now were held captive. She was arguing that it was not needed and he was calmly insisting that it was.
It took me a minute to catch on to what he was meaning to say.
Yesterday David and Jakin had a similar discussion, where David gave Jakin infomation about how to keep his worms alive. After talking about some of the other details of grub worm habitat, David told Jakin that for the best chance of his worms staying alive, he would need to add goat manure to the soil he already had.
Goat manure.
Goat vanilla.
Sarah knew what he meant.
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