Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ready To Go!

I am pleased to report that I acomplished the goals I set earlier in the week!
I made the best bread today, possibly the best I have ever made. It is 100% whole wheat, but sooo light and fluffy. It is just perfect sandwhich bread.
I got the roast cooked and sandwhiches made with it.
I have pre-sliced cheese and mayo packaged, ready to go.
I even boiled some eggs to take...
I feel very set and ready to go. At least in the area of eats!
On the other side of packing, I am waiting for one of Sarah's dresses to dry and we are running the kids through the tub. After I run me through the tub and throw toothbrushes in, I will pronounce everything to go.
Houston, here we come!
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