Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Home Again!

We had a wonderful time at the conference in Houston. It was just as good as last year, only better!

There were more people in attendance than last year. I am not sure what the ratio of increase was, but it seemed pretty significant. It definitely seemed like they have outgrown the facility were it is held.

The sessions were just as good as last year, and even better. So many of the questions that we had going down were answered. We came back refreshed and challenged. Hopefully, I will get a chance to write more about what we learned later.

We had planned on camping, which we did, but in a modified way. When we got to the campsite, we were informed that there was a cabin available. It was very nice, and comfortable for a lady with a big belly. :) We spent one night there and then one of our friends from the church invited us to stay in their home on Saturday night. That was a blessing as well. We had a good time of fellowship that evening.

Now I need to get to work on my to do list. Lots of things are screaming for my attention! Pray for me today if you read this post… I am heading to war and I intend to be victorious over the enemies of clutter and piled up chores! :)


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