Saturday, October 04, 2008

An Interuption To My Day?

Today I had one of those experiences.

You know, I had a plan and something got in the way.

I tried to print a picture for Sarah this morning. I printed one picture, but was not able to print the next one. I have had several issues with my printer lately, but this was a new one. “Cartridge Error,” it said, as if it was only logical. The poor thing didn’t even know what to tell me was wrong with it. It said, “See user guide”

After digging here and there, I finally found the manual.

I looked up the error.

The manual didn’t know what was wrong. It said to check the manufacturer’s website or call customer service. This was an advanced error.

So, still trying to do something else and a bit disgruntled that I was going on a hunt for a solution to an “advanced error” I logged on to the website of the manufacturer. I searched this way for the answer, that way for the answer.


The website didn’t know what was wrong, either.

Finally, I called to speak with a human.

After going through menu prompts, I got to a human. He asked me info about my issue, then offered to sell me more print cartridges, (at a better price, of course), before transferring me to a technician who would help me.

No, thank you. I am having a cartridge error. I think I will wait to see if it can be resolved before I buy more cartridges…

After I was transferred, the technician took info that I had already given…

We worked through a series of steps to try to resolve the issue…

As I was trying pulling my cartridge in and out, unplugging my printer, etc, the technician made polite comments about things unrelated to the printer issue. I asked where he was located. He was in India, he said. He commented that although my address said TX, I didn’t sound like a Texan.

At one point, I decided to tell him that I had 3 kids and was pregnant with my 4th. I then told him about how I had been diagnosed with cancer and how I am now healed.

My technician friend was getting a bit excited at this point.

I am not sure, but it really seemed to me that he was a believer. He said that he would pray for a safe delivery for me in Nov.

I also told him about the fire and how we are now living in the house that God saved in the fire.

He was very encouraged, it seemed like. He could see how God was taking care of us.

I got off the phone having gained a friend on the other side of the world.

Thanks to my printer throwing a fit today.

Oh, yeah. The printer.

It still isn’t working. They are going to send me a free cartridge and see if that resolves the issue.

It is going to be inconvenient having the printer down. But somehow, I don’t really care that much.

Because of my stupid printer, or stupid cartridge, whichever is to blame, I made a connection with, I am assuming, a brother in Christ on the other side of the world. I was encouraged and I hope he was. I have a prayer request from a brother in Christ to pray over.

I think I can handle a messed up printer and plan.

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