Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cough Syrup...

I have been asked about my cough syrup.

Yes, the one mentioned in my previous post was my own invention, although I was drawing on things that I had tried or read before.

Although the kids did like that one, I don’t know if it did anything major to help or not. I know that it didn’t hurt. :) I think it was about as effective as many commercial syrups, without the yuckiness.

I did look up and try a few recipes. Of course, I always have to monkey a bit with the ingredients… At least I am learning more about things that are helpful.

One interesting syrup that I have been messing with is very simple to do. And it tastes great. You simply slice up some onions and dribble honey or sugar over them and let the mess sit for 5-24 hrs. The honey draws the juice out of the onions and makes a very tasty syrup. It does seem to help, esp in conjunction with some of the other concoctions. Do a Google search for ‘homemade cough syrup’ if you are interested in several ideas for dealing with the different types of coughs. I found that adding butter or coconut oil to them helps to coat a sore throat as well.

BTW, if anyone has any interesting info to share, I would love to hear things that have worked for you and your family…

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